Outside the Kitchen

Family, Art, and Rock 'n Roll

Hello! My name is Pablo Emiliano Lamon, I am 31 years old and I am a professional Chef.

I was born in Argentina (where I lived until I was 23 years old), but I currently live in the United States.


Even though I don’t have children (yet), I always considered myself a family man: I am very close with my Mother (with whom I have my first memories in the kitchen, and she is the person who taught me to love and respect teaching and education), my Father ( who is the smartest and most cult person that I know, and also who inherited me the passion for motorcycles), and specially my sister (who is not only one of my best friends, but also my example in life of the fight for human rights and the help and support of the underprivileged). I am very lucky to get to call my uncles PARENTS, and my cousins BROTHERS and SISTERS, and I feel that I was blessed with the best 4 grandparents I could ve ever asked for.

Since I was young I developed some sort of a rebel personality: from filling my face with piercings, wearing dreadlocks, and getting tattoos all over my body to then making life decisions like becoming a Chef in a time where working in the culinary field wasn’t necessarily a popular career with a promising future. “He has never even cooked a hard boiled egg and now he wants to become a Chef” my Mom would say to my aunt back then (but obviously, not to me). Over this and other life decisions that I took over my life that weren’t so “normal” necessarily, my family always supported me and always stood by me, for that I will always be grateful.


I believe Art has shaped the way I am and the way I live my life. Since I was little that I got very interested in the understanding and analysis of Art: from reading Tattoo Magazines at a very young age already, or going to check out the “Artisan Fair”(and those amazing street artists and their art) in Villa Gesell, to visiting Museums with my Mother or doing research on famous painters like Pablo Picasso or Florencio Molina Campos.

Art, for me, doesn’t have to make sense, follow a line or respect a rule, and to be honest, I find that ideology fascinating. When it comes to the Culinary Art, in the kitchen you get to play with colors, textures, temperatures, flavors and aromas. There is not nor will there be a limit to what you can achieve in the kitchen, and living a life without limitations is what I have always been doing, and it is what I will always do.

Rock and Roll

If I had to define my life(or the way I live) through a style of music, it would definitely be Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll is fast and energetic. Rock and Roll is a train that doesn’t stop, and if you are not fast enough, the train will pass by you and you won’t catch it.

Rock and Roll is aggressive, not everybody likes it, and that is ok. I learned a while ago that not everyone has to agree with the way I live my life or my rhythms in it. Just like Rock and Roll, I have always had a very strong dose of energy. Since I was little I would always be running around and browsing all over the place...I still remember my grandma Carmen telling me “Pablo, do you have ants in your butt?!” because I would never stop moving around, ever!

As I grew older I didn’t change much, when I am not working crazy hours at my Restaurant,  I spend time with friends, I go surfing, I go skateboarding or I go for a ride with my motorcycle until I run out of gas, because just like I said, I will never run out of energy!